Each piece of Gale jewellery is designed and made by hand in the UK, one at a time. Taking inspiration from architecture, art and the beauty of natural world, our jewellery is created for those who are minimalist at heart but also like to make a statement. 


At the moment all our pieces are made from Ecosilver with the view of adding recycled gold in the future. Ecosilver is 100% recycled silver coming from sources such as jewellery, medical and electronics industries. It has the same qualities as newly mined silver plus it avoids environmental damage caused by mining.


All our jewellery is designed and handcrafted in London. Each piece is made specially to order and so is unique to you. High quality is very important and the beauty of the handmade process means none of the pieces will be completely identical.  


Your chosen pieces will travel to you in fully recyclable sustainably sourced packaging. The gift boxes can be used to keep your new jewellery safe for years to come but in case you decide not to keep or reuse them they can be easily recycled.